Mark started his career at LWT’s (later ITV’s) The London Studios on the South Bank, rising to the rank of Senior Editor. He later moved to BBC Resources at BBC Television Centre. Since 2003 he has enjoyed working on a wide variety of programmes in a freelance capacity.

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In addition to high profile productions produced internally by both ITV Studios and the BBC, he has also worked with the larger independent production companies.



His CV runs from the original run of LWT’s Gladiators to the present-day Ninja Warrior UK...

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...from the legendary Blind Date with Cilla Black to the modern-day Take Me Out...

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...and, to date, a total of eight Royal Variety Performances.

Attributes include

  • One of the last of a generation of editors that for years worked sitting next to studio directors at the top of their game, singles Mark out as a sought-after craft editor.

  • Experienced in quick turn-around jobs very close to TX  

  • Has the skillset to finish audio if time or budgets dictate

  • Adept with Adobe Photoshop® for advanced mattes and graphics work


Mark initially specialised in complex, multi-camera, multi-machine linear (tape) online editing but, with the advent of HD, now works solely on Avid (Media Composer & Symphony) in both an offline and online capacity.

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Proof that long ago, Mark was a vt editor.


Mark studied Television Programme Operations at the renowned Ravensbourne College and graduated with a distinction. Whilst at LWT, he additionally completed several Avid courses at the BBC’s training facility Wood Norton in Worcestershire.


In 2017, Mark sat on the panel of judges for the Royal Television Society’s Craft & Design Awards in the Sound categories.

In 2018 he was very proud to be asked to chair the panel for one of the editing categories.

He enjoys photography and music, goes running to keep fit and lives in Kent with his wife and two daughters.

He mostly works in London but productions are able to take advantage of his living outside the M25 if quotas/commissions demand the use of regional crew.